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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  September 28, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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3 a bbg night the ravens... and &pfor the entire national football eague. leaage.regular refs returned to work thursday... for the first time in ámonths.áand received a warm welcome from fa. fans.after that... it was down to business.joe flaaco was on! he throws for 356 yards and a touchdownnto &t browns pllyed tough!! the game pass by cleveland rookie cond
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brandon weeden sailed outtof theeend zone... as the clock rrn out. the ravens win 23-to-16 .it as very similar po the last play of mooday night's ssahawks- ackers gaae... but that throw made it po tte endzzne, and into the arms of two players .....sort of. replacement refs made a controversial call and n-f-l commissioner,,roger goodell &psays that call... is what partially led reaching a deal with the refeeees' union.the ravens claimed a 23-to-16 victory over the winless browns... nnver once trailing behind. - toss to joel joel - live at jimmy's in fells poin. guys. let's take a closer look at
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close..... 3& ssats.... stats.... last channeefor the browns... it's a win, but not an easy 3 one.
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ed reed 5048 definetly too clooe for comfort.. but a wins a wii, in this league its always going to be tough.. the ominating wins and thhin - egough ones. anddwe had our hands full offensively and defensively. we made layy when we needed to... ed reed 5310 we wanted to dominnte, a plways tte cass. case. the ravens can now sit baak aad watch the refs work this weekend, during their 100 kknsasscity.efore taking on 3 kaasas city.before taking on their 10 day breakkweekeed, during wwrk this watch the refs now sit back and the ravvns can now sittbackkaad watch the refs work thhs weekend, during their 11 day break before taking on kansas city. live in fells point, joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news. 3 a wommn is taken to the hospital after aa2 alarm fire
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in anneearundel happened justtbefore 4 this morring on b treet in lothian. an 80 year old woman is beeig treated for moke innalatton at a local hospital.. and seven people have been word oo cause of the fire. a pedestrian is hittby a truck. police say the person who was hit was standiig on the corner of west franklin street and poplaa grove in northweett ttey were appareetly standing at a bus stop just before 7 this morning when they were hit.there is no word on their condition at this imm. a highly anticipated report by &pthe inspector general abbut a by the mayor's office.. is out. and it's critical.the reportt says the office failed o gee &pmultiple quotes on the 675- ssstee... anddthatttwo key managers of the system were coonractors for the supplier. mayor stephanii rawwings blake says her administraaion has recommendations... but notes that the report accepts the the purchases were legal.hat -
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3& a string of hooe burglaries are under ounty,,this morniig. morning. police say there've been 10 cases this peek in neighborhoods aaross city and columbia. detectives believe the suspect tt see if anyone's inside.. me - then kicks in the door.. phe crook is taking jewelryy jeannie wilkerssn'' block.. wheee she says neighbors are already fightinn back.. withh the internet. (ms. wilkerson) "we'vvegot a really rrat facebook page for the community nd people aae possiig all kinds of thinns. &pwhen they see something suspicious, any ccrs that don't look familiar, any suspicious activityyor watching, people areeon it." it."in some cases, police say the suspectthas knocked on a dooo... and discooered someonee as homm. wwen that hhppens, he gives an excuse and leaves quickly. police sayy so far, theyy don't ave a good description of a suspect. 3&john travolta is now law-suitt free... after tte third suiit
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against him in just one year put.on thursday... a judge dismissedda defamation accusation agaiist travolta and his attorney. the lawsuit was filed by a man named massage therapists.randolph d 3 claims travolta's attorney &ppublishedda letter aboot the book that amaged his reputation.but a judgg ruled the ltter was protected by &pfree speech.two lawsuits file py travolta's massage parlier this year.smissed - a new book by harry potter author j-k rowling... is now pn stores.but unlike the book is for's her ffrst full-length work since the series came out 55years ago.theenovel is tttted "a casual vacanny"... and it's about he death of a local- government includes references toodrugss and sex. and so far... it's receiving mixed reviews rom ccitics. it's a boy for reese witherspoon! on thursday...
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child... who she named r third - "tennessee james."both are said t be doing well. 3this is itherspoon's first phild wwth her huuband, jim toth. he has two ccildren... ava and deacon... from a previous marriage. they're burninggrubber. watch a drifting ompetitionn hometoww hhtspot. you're watthiig fox 45 ood day baltimore. ((bump out)) ((break anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere.
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a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven. you don't want to try this at
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driiing and drifting ttis weekend.bruceeschindler from joins us live for this mornings hooetown hotspot. -tell us about the event. -what else can people
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do atthe event?-can you show us some drifting?
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drifting? 3 the driftiig event at bob davidson ford lincoln &pis taking llce satuuday september 29tt for 10:00 aamm to 2:00 p.m.for more
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mapfibermap -3 for more s-p-c-a go to foxbaltimore dot &pcom slash morning. cominggup... wwat makes this pizza.. ffr
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ann next... where you can go tt hear someegreat local music... ttissweekend. you're waathing ffx 45 good day altimore. good morning! wow.
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some muuic, food and fun! the street beat festival is taking over fells point. jane eebold from the street beat festival joins us long wiih members of us bout the event.... - ell - -how much does the event cost? the perrormance. eek peak of -
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& 3- 3
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a veey ddfferenn tone today...
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among n-f-l fans. faas.last night... the league's regular reff returned to work... ending a several-month-long lockout.and back.thh rowd was loud from the start as the ravens took control early with joe flacco finding torrey smmth with the first touchdown of the game..... torrey's 3rddt-d in 2 weeek. but this one was close until the thrid quurter when cary williams steps in front of a brandon weeden pass.... and returnssit 63 yardssfor a score to givv the ravens a 13-point lead. yet as we know fans, its never really that easy is it? the game wasn't decided until a pass by weeddn sails out of the endd &pzone s time expires. ravens winn23-to-16 .after the game... coach harbaugh had some words to sayyabout the return of the league's regular refs. n-f-l oomissionee, roger gooddll also apooogized to fans... saying he's sorry public through a difficult
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the tory of the game, was.... the game! not the refs! although afterwards, the players and coaches were finally talking openly about how theyyreally felt about thee. replaceeents. joel d. smith pi live at jimmy's in fells point with that reaction, plus iffthe fans noticed any difference in the way the game was played.gooo morning joell d. good morning guys. at theegame, and thee efs. refs.llok at the game, let's take a closerrguys. guys. good mornnng d. ggod morning joel d. gooddmorning guys. guys. let's take a closer look at the game, and the refs.
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refs. they stripes are the same, but the guys in those shirts are different... hey're arms work... signalling its good... ray rice has some ery nice words about the replacement refs... and ray lewis says whht made him smile most ray lewis 5800 thats the first pime i got excited about walkeddup to them, that's the fiist thing 3
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3 a memo from the romney campaign says the pressdential candidate isn't expecting to win his first debate against president obama. obama.the memo.. distributed romney adviser.. outtinee a think theepresident is hey probably going to win the pdbate... includinggttat obama ii "widely regarded as one of
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the most talented political communicators in modern history."but the memo goes on not decide the eeeccion.the debbte ill happen next wednesday in denver. suppprters of the maryllnd dream acc are launching a new campaign saturday to gain novembers ballot. ballot.the group will plan to gather tomorrow morning at 11 at the baltimore freedom academy library.voters will be to approve the law, whichhwas passed llst year. 3pit's probably the only kind o pizza you haveeto be over 21 to eat. salvatore's in boston... they offerrtoppings poakee in alcohol..heir vignnla cherry pizza comes popped with fresh mozzarella, gorgonzola, prrsciutto, onny and raspberry vodka soaked oven isn't nough tiie o bbrn 3 pff theealcohol... so they card cussomers who order it too much wouud e like 2 to 3 pizzas worth. so i hhnk you'd
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be pretty full before you got a buzz. buzz.the pizza place says he adultssonly izza has been so popular, two more versiins &pwill be launnhed next month.. oneewwth kahlua-mmrinated pork and anotherrwith rum-infused peachess britain's royallfamily has changed their minds....and won't complain about those published nuue pictures of prince harry harrythe photooraphs were printed in only one u-k widely circulated onlinn.a royal spokesman sayssthe prince is currently fooussd on pis role with the british army in afghanistan, not his &pprivate life. 3&do you know what's n your br? that's so gross... our r - producer almost didn'ttwant to run this ssory. story. you''e watchhng fox
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45 good day baltimore.
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3 p3 page we posted a picture of a chipmunk checking out the nut-rition facts (get it?!) here's whht some of you captioned it. it. "ttis nut bar haddhow any caloriis againn!" again?!""who ate my gganola par?"if you want to lay alongg.. join us on our com sllsh fox bbltimore. ((toss to weather))
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((ad lib meteorologist)) steve gets athletic in the
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center.steve's call meemaabe pardoy nats moves... in this week'' "say wh" wwat?!"and next... how is thii not a halth code iolaaion??? what oes into this beer.. onn purpose.. thht ight have you you're
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there is something that is missing and i want to tell you that something missing is jesus. it was the beginning of a road of redemption for me. there is forgiveness, a new life, everything in trusting
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god. take that one step, that is all it takes. i felt like a new person, brand new creation. ill felt like i had had a weight 3 3an oregon brrwery's new blend is raising eyebrows, and ay nicole doll explains this bearded brew. bree. at the rogue ales brewerr in newport bbigade of bottles are lined up to be filled, labeled then ready to shhp. on a recent day it was their most popular brew "dead guy ale" ... tte mischievous aaeessuggesttthat at rogue
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iireverence is intoxicatinn. you know tongueein cheek."but - what'' brewing now is truly &pcceeky. "this wasn't really my idea, but (laughs.)"rogue is developing an ale made from whiskeree beaad of rogue's award--inning brewmaster, john maier...a beard which asn't been cut since a six-packkcost undee two bucks."thirty-four 1178... is that 34 years &p(laaghs.)""hey, why ot look pight have some magic yeast in it."rogue ales' president brett joyce explaineddthey'd pried to hhrvest new yeast strains from ome of their own hopyard, but nothing joke..."we had ur lab guy putting a q-tip in here, or takiig a clip off.""i don't (chuckling) said, whatever, you know (laughs)"but amazingly, the lab guy found a yeast cell, did some fermentation tests and the
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unorthhdox "beard beer" was born."the beard beer is in one of those tanks, i think thh one over here."for the maier -- who's equal parts artist the initial "eeww" factor some maa have...that beard equals weird."i don't know why, yeast pot drinking he beard you're drinking a great beer that happens to have a yeast in it now the bearddbeer ii beengg fine tuned. maaer took sip. "yeah that's it." from a test barrel ample. "whatts it taate ike?""tastes like it's got sooe spices in it.""he salt and pepper of his beard &pand his personality "it's gentle and expressive at the same time."distilleddinntte brew. we'vv got the we've got the beat.
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beat.matt's say what moment: you took youu time with thh cal "call me maybe parody video" someone'ssall coming up in "ssyywhat?!" you're watching fox 45 good day baltiiore. [ female announcer ] having grands biscuits
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let's just get right to it. it."say what?" phat?" 22:24:33:05 (say what jimmy vanna white) jimmy: "you pictureepeople waking uu aa 6:30 in the morning, seeing this thing. lord have mercy." 22225:35:00 (say what steve mummlessthe wx) pat: "wwll now cookie, whh don't you do the weatter?"22:24:43:20 (say hat honey boo boo) my special puice is gonna help me winnnn 22:25:37:00 (saa what steee &pmumbbes the wx) steve mumbles the wwather22:24:08:00 (say what patrice umps nntraffic) pelta red? pat: wooo 22:24:22:08 (say what honey crazy if they thiik they gonna - beat me honey boo boo child jumpssin traffic))brandi "trust me when i tell you, this is orange." 22:25:10:266 (say whatthoney boo boo) 22 i wwnna win moneeyyyyy aadolla makes me holla honey boooboo
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jumps in trafffc) patrice jumps into raffic shot "wooo" 22;23:55:244(say what steve do me now) steve 'here you go do me today. do me glue e paa what??"22:24:12:23 (ssy what &pcall me maybee)brandd/sheena "hey i just met yyu and this is crazz but here's my numbee so call me maybe."22:23:50:28 (saa what pat oss to me dance) pattice: "i'm over here doing my iis me dance, toss to me daace."22:23:58:25 (say what sttve doo e now) steve "it's gonnn be doomy, gloomy. maybe) candace/britt: "and all the other boys try to chhse me but herees my number so call me maybe"22:23:44:01 (say what pat toss to me dancee steve: "i can't wait to grow up by the wwy and iihooe i'm as big call me maybe))jimmy "where you think youure going bbbb?" 22:24:08:18 (sayywhat tink think somebody's goiig to joel: mmmhmm22:24:28:13 (say what call me aabe) steve/emill "hey i just met you and this is crazy but hhre's my number so call me stink bug your houue) pat: you cut your hair egan. oel: it's ok, i'll work it out." 22:24:44:00 (say what call me maybe) matttfloor crew "you took your time with the call, i took my time with the fall you gave me nothing at all ut still you'rr in my way." 22:26::1:20 (say what weather fight) patrice: 'you all think i'mm eing combative with
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steve. bell. hey hey hey." 22:24:25:07 say what call me 22:26:54;10 (say what weatherr meteorologist"22:25:14:29 (say what call me maybe) joel "this is crazy but here's my number so all me maybe"22:28:50:03 (say what nats 22:24:56:11 (say what call me maybe) tom/pat; "i beg and borrow and steal at fiist siiht nd it's real." 22:29:12:27 (say what weather fight) who now will take on thess contenders in the next boo boo) my special juice is gonna help me winnnn
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we got off to a rainy start this morning.... but hat about the resttof your weekeed? day forecast.. after the break. breakk ou're nn!nn!n!n!n! the return of regular n-f-l
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refs.a eport card on their first game back. tonight on fox 45 neww at five. 3 3
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